Agency Coordinator Campaign Resources

Thank you for volunteering as an Agency Coordinator for the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign! Volunteering to lead your agency in raising funds for deserving charities is a huge contribution to our state. Real and noticeable changes will result from your leadership and will impact countless individuals whose lives will be improved through the charities receiving CVC donations.

Welcome to the Agency Coordinator Community! All the resources you will need to run a successful CVC Campaign at your agency are available here:

How to be a Successful Agency Coordinator

  • Set a fundraising goal for your agency
  • Coordinate meetings and communications to educate employees on CVC and generate enthusiasm for this year's campaign
  • Promote ePledge
  • Record paper pledges and direct giving
  • Plan a special event for your agency to help reach your agency fundraising and participation goals
  • Thank employees for their participation and dedication

Fundraising Tools

In addition to ePledge, there are fundraising tools available to help your agency reach its fundraising and participation goals. Do you have a question about how these tools can make a difference, the Support Team is here to help!

  • Fundraising Ideas
  • Create an individual/ team fundraising campaign
  • Organize an in-person or virtual special event
  • Click HERE to view how your agency can host your own charity fair

Deposit Instructions

If you receive donations from Special Events, please follow the instructions below. Please do not include ePledges or payroll deductions with Transmittal Reports.

Step One: Complete and Submit the Multi-Donor Special Event Pledge Card

Multi-Donor Pledge Cards for special events are used to submit donations obtained from the CVC fundraiser event to CVC. Click here to download/print along with donation payment and transmittal report. (Please convert all cash into a check/money order and make payable to “Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign”). Retain copies of special event pledge cards at your agency according to the Library of Virginia retention schedule.

Step Two: Submit Transmittal Report

Transmittal Reports serve as the cover sheet to submit special event pledges and donations from fundraisers. Total any paper forms collected by payment method (cash/check) then click here to access the transmittal report.

Step Three: Mail Funds Collected, Special Events Multi-Donor Pledge Card and Transmittal Report to CVC for processing.

Mailing Address

CVC Processing Center
P.O. Box 63132
Charlotte, NC 28263-3132

Thank you for your continued support!